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Dear Students, Parents, and all learners,

It is with immense pride and joy that I extend a warm welcome to each one of you to Roots of ​Infinity – a haven for academic excellence and personal growth.At Roots of Infinity, our ​commitment is not just to education but to the holistic development of every student. As the ​CEO, I am thrilled to lead an institution that goes beyond conventional tutoring, aiming to ​empower young minds for a future of limitless possibilities.

Our tuition classes, spanning from Grades 1 to 12, are crafted with care to elevate your child's ​academic journey. We believe in fostering an environment where learning goes hand-in-hand ​with personal and intellectual growth.

At the heart of Roots of Infinity is our team of expert tutors who are not just educators but ​mentors, committed to nurturing excellence in every student. The intensive learning ​experience we offer goes beyond the surface, encouraging students to delve deep into ​subjects, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.I am particularly proud to introduce ​our Special Guidance Program, aiming to help students excel in Grade A and B competitive ​exams such as NDA, SSC, SSB, UPSC, UPSI, UPPCS, and more. This program reflects our ​dedication to preparing students for challenges beyond the classroom, equipping them with ​skills that extend far into their future.

Your child's success begins with Roots of Infinity Academy!

Warm regards,

Pooja Ankur Singh

CEO, Roots of Infinity