Std. I - V

In the Roots of Infinity for grades I to V, covering CBSE, ICSE, and state ​board curricula, the focus is on mathematics, science, and social sciences. ​Classes, both online and offline, are designed to be one hour long, and the ​teaching approach includes chapter-wise test series to assess and reinforce ​understanding. The academy aims to provide comprehensive coaching in ​these subjects, offering detailed insights to support students' learning and ​development.

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Std. VI - VIII

"Embark on a transformative learning journey for 6th to 8th graders! ​Our holistic coaching program blends the best of CBSE, ICSE, and State ​Board curricula, ensuring a seamless academic transition. Experience ​the perfect blend of online convenience, offline engagement, and ​personalized coaching with our expert educators. Immerse in ​captivating one-hour sessions four times a week, artfully covering each ​topic. Our meticulously designed test series enhances understanding ​and boosts confidence. Join us to make learning an enchanting ​experience – where each concept unfolds beautifully, paving the way ​for academic brilliance!"

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Std. ix - x

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Unlock the doors to academic excellence with our dedicated coaching ​for 9th and 10th-grade students. Our academy goes beyond conventional ​learning, offering a tailored approach that equips students for both ​preliminary and main board exams. We nurture a deep understanding ​of subjects, foster critical thinking, and provide a supportive ​environment, ensuring that our students not only face exams with ​confidence but emerge with flying colors, ready to conquer the ​challenges of higher education and beyond. Elevate your educational ​journey with us and witness the transformation towards success.

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Std. xi - xii

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"Discover the potential of Std XI and XII students with our ​comprehensive Maths and Science preparation courses. Dive deep into ​the roots of infinity as we provide detailed descriptions, engaging ​content, and interactive learning experiences. Elevate your ​understanding of mathematics and science to excel in your academic ​journey. Join us on a path of limitless learning and mastery."

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Foundation ​Programme

"Access the potential of Std XI and XII students with our comprehensive ​Maths and Science preparation courses. Dive deep into the roots of ​infinity as we provide detailed descriptions, engaging content, and ​interactive learning experiences. Elevate your understanding of ​mathematics and science to excel in your academic journey. Join us on a ​path of limitless learning and mastery."

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Proper guidance and the right strategy are the key components of finding IAS ​success. The UPSC civil services exam is a tough nut to crack, with many experts ​commenting that it is the toughest exam in the country! In order to clear the ​daunting IAS exam, it is imperative that the candidates are not confused about ​the exam or its various intricacies. They should develop a path free of confusion ​and have absolute clarity in their minds about the strategy and the methods of ​preparation they would adopt. This is easier said than done. Aspirants, especially ​first-timers would naturally be over-awed by the enormity of the IAS exam.

To help aspirants in this regard and steer them to the IAS success they deserve, ​Roots Of Infinity presents “Career Guidance for UPSC Preparation”. guidance or ​counselling/mentoring is offered by experts in the field, who have, with their ​wisdom and experience helped hundreds of aspirants crack the UPSC civil ​services exam.

Register now for one-on-one counselling, it’s never too late to start!

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1. Digital Teaching Integration:

- Both offline and online classroom programs are offered.

- Digital teaching methods are incorporated into the curriculum.

2. Offline Setup:

- Classrooms equipped with digital facilities.

- Separate washroom facilities for girls and boys.

- Air-conditioned classrooms for a comfortable learning environment.

- Canteen facilities available for students.

3. Security Measures:

- CCTV surveillance is implemented to ensure the safety and security of students.

The Roots of Infinity aims to create a comprehensive and comfortable ​learning experience by combining traditional and digital teaching ​approaches while prioritizing students' well-being and security.

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